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About WENX

WENX began in 2011 when Dj Rough launched the online station, geared at the Global Reggae listener. Online Reggae stations were already numerous and sounded the same. Rough was determined to create a listening space where quality Reggae from traditional to Trap-Reggae had a home.

Eliminating the obvious, violence in music seems impossible to avoid, but controlling when it is played isn't. DJs from Spain, UK, Jamaica and the US helped build an international audience seeking good, clean Reggae. The station shut down for a few years and re-launched in 2019.

Then came 2020 a blessing and a curse, WENX had a 'captive audience' and the comeback has been phenomenal. A work in progress, the changes happen daily as DJs ramp up. Catch us 24hrs, 7days a week.

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